Thursday, January 14, 2010

Even In the Midst of a Storm...

...there is sunshine in these smiles.

God, thank you for the opportunity to see our children during this time of devastation. Please be with the people in Haiti as they ride the wave of effects from the earthquake. Watch over our families of Three Angels and protect them. We love You, Lord, and are forever grateful for you faithfulness and devotion. Please be with Abbey as she takes care of the children, and please bless Megan for her selflessness to check on the children and send these photos to us. Heavenly Father, thank you for sending these sunshines of smiles to us today. In Your son Jesus' name, Amen.

***These photos were sent from Megan Haug, our past Angel House Orphanage manager, today. Megan has been traveling several miles each day, from the mission in which she currently works, to check on everyone at Three Angels. She has been sending updates to us when internet is available. Words can never express the gratitude and appreciation we feel for Megan's heroic efforts to keep us informed.

Much love and prayers to our TA's families in the U.S. and in Haiti,
Colleen Monfils


angela said...


did i see natacha and mme galan in the background?!

Kathy Eden said...

It is soooooooooo wonderful to see their smiles! Thank you so much for posting this!

The Combes Family said...

Look at those smiles!!!

Love Jonathan's one at the end.

Kristina said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
for these pictures for everything!

Roxanne said...

Thank you so much!!!!!! It brings joy to us in the midst of this storm. We are so grateful.

Praise God!

Janelle Kann said...

Thank you for the pictures.. Those smiles are so beautiful and reassuring...Praising God..

Brandy and Troy said...


livingpurereligion said...

Knowing that they are safe is one thing, but actually SEEING their sweet faces is more reassuring then words could ever express. To everyone who made this happen... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Lena Wright said...

Thank you. Lord, please make a way for all of these precious children to come the the US, and Canada-wherever the families you have chose for them are. Please, Jesus, please

Elias said...

so wonderful to see their smiles. oh God, bring them home soon.

Lara said...

What a comfort, what an extraordinary relief to see these smiling faces...thank you God!

kelly said...

Thank you so much! Jarod and I knew they were alive because we find their building still standing but being able to see the pictures is more than words can decribe.

Greg's Wife said...

Tremendously blessed to view these. Thank you for posting. We love those kids so, so much!

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