Sunday, December 28, 2008

pictures of our Thanksgiving at Angel House.

and a couple more of baby Renato...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

tons of pics...

because i can. because i'm in the states! more to come...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A little ditty from our last trip:

School Christmas Party

Three Angels Christian Academy had a lovely Christmas party! A big thank you to Sandy, the Boones and their crew for doing an awesome job coordinating the gift boxes! The above photo is our gaggle of preschoolers. Grades 1-6 came later in the day for their party. (I know, it's a ton of kids - want to sponsor one???)

Grades 1 - 6

Justin lined up and ready to get the party started.

Madame Denise (one of our PS teachers) preparing all the report cards to be handed out. Parents - you will be receiving yours in the mail soon!

Nata and Fritz and some friends singing in front of their class. Nata loved it, Fritz didn't seem too thrilled with the attention.

Reece with gift in hand.

Ronald with his daughter, Laika. Laika is in the first grade and is a sponsored student. Thank you!

Yes Matu, you will get a box, just be patient...

You too Taina! (All the O kids got a goodie box)

Our Elves-In-Charge.

Seriously - it was QUITE a huge undertaking and a huge blessing to the school kids, the O kids, the teachers, the nannies, all of their kids... GREAT JOB!

This is Alix, our headmaster, and his family. Florence, Stacey, Steeven and Baby Clarens. They are very grateful for everyone's generosity.

Having such a good time is terribly exhausting....

Merry Christmas! --Shannon

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our new baby

He is adorable! I'm not sure of the spelling, but his name is Renato - I'm sure the nannies will give him a nickname shortly though...