Tuesday, July 28, 2009



The children at Angel House, as well as TA's staff's children, had a wonderful week learning about God's love - Veggie Tales style. We had a week of games, crafts, songs, stories, nutritious snacks and worship about the Lord. With a different bible point presented each day, the week's theme *God has made each one of us special* was shared.

The VBS team consisted of 15 volunteers from the States. They spent each morning sharing the theme and assuring each and every child knew God love everyone. There were so many smiles, giggles and hugs - everyone walked away truly feeling God's love and that each one of us is special to Him.

Adoptive families, be on the lookout for some fun Veggie Tales mail coming your way very soon!


Monday, July 27, 2009

upstairs kids...

Jutane brought Daniel to me to show off his cool hair... 

silly sara... 

oy! Dave is going to be a ladies man!!

Reece is going to be an awesome big brother!!

reece w/ Dieufort and sisters Djoulie and Darwing

sara giving Renato a kiss! precious! 

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Nons

Shannon here. I just wanted to share a few things from my most recent trip to Three Angels. I had traveled to Haiti to help with graduation at Three Angels Christian Academy, which was great, but I was most moved by how God is using the Nonweilers. I've been to Haiti over a dozen times in the last couple of years but have never left more encouraged that we are on the right path.

As you know, we have been praying and looking for a couple for a long, long time who could lead the charge down in Haiti (because as we all have learned, God works in His own time, not ours). Well, I want to publicly say that we are incredibly grateful for the gift He has given us! God has fortified our all-volunteer team in an awesome way!

Three Angels is on the path to fantastic improvements that I thought I would share here first.

The Household.

One of the biggest differences I noticed was how TA now feels like a home. Walking upstairs to the nursery I was hit by how CLEAN and CALM the room now was. Spotless, organized and an enjoyable place to be! The reduction of children has much to do with it but the majority is the team effort that is now in place. (The Nons, Megan, Colleen and the head nannies)

Let me start by saying that Marcia's nickname at the O is 'Pwop Pwop', or 'Clean Clean'. She has definitely earned that moniker and has set a new standard that we have all longed for. With Colleen helping to purchase new mattresses and a handful of other people stepping up there has been an amazing transformation. Many children have been able to go home and others have been graduated to downstairs. Be sure and see the previous post on Stephania! All in all, it is just less overwhelming.

The bigger nursery kids are able to go downstairs for many hours each day to color and play outside. This is a win-win in that it gives the babies a little 'calm' time as they stay upstairs and the biggers ones get to burn off some extra energy and get some change of scenery.

Marcia and the team have been painting, cleaning, purging, cleaning, creating new systems, cleaning and have I mentioned cleaning? She only stops to play with the kids, sing songs to them, kiss boo-boos, make meals and instruct nannies. Pwop Pwop is a gift!

Downstairs has also seen remarkable improvements in all areas. The layout has been changed and is much lighter, brighter, and of course, more clean! The children are responding very well to the set routines (so important that these are kept intact when adoptive parents visit!) and increased attention to education. Many of the children have a remarkable command of English already and will only continue to do so with the introduction of our English-based Homeschool curriculum in September.

The changes are big, but sometimes the small ones speak loudest of the daily work being done. I watched on numerous occasions as children, UNPROMPTED, would pick up trash and go deposit it in the trashcan. I watched them share with each other. I watched the nannies taking a stronger lead in discipline and engaging the children in activities to prevent melt-downs. I watched children (gasp!) put toys away when they were done with them.

Of course, there will always be areas needing improvement (despite your children being angels 100% of the time... ) but I want to affirm the positive I was able to see.

The Nonweilers have a humbling work ethic that I felt privileged to see. They are up early and do not stop working until well after dinner. In addition to the daily tasks of running such a large household like fixing meals, attending to children and a substantial staff they tackle many other jobs. Dr. Jack attends to his patient base of O children, school children and our staff, as well as follow-up care of other patients from the 'clinic weeks'. Dr. Jack is a gifted and caring professional and we are beyond grateful he has chosen to use his gift for the Lord.

After much fund raising, we were finally able to purchase a larger generator and Dr. Jack spent many hours researching, re-wiring, having a concrete pad poured and making sure our investment would be protected. He has also had the rain gutters re-worked so that the rainwater is collected into our reservoir eliminating the need for us to purchase water!

I could really go on and on. I will try and post more about what is being done so that you can share in the joy and so that you can know how to pray for and further encourage the work being done at Three Angels. Often times it is difficult to remain obedient to the call and we truly appreciate your support and prayers. We also want to be sure and share opportunities to praise and be glad! I know that Colleen works hard on your weekly newsletters and monthly updates, but I want to share just a few of my observations as well.

If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to send an email: shannon@threeangelshaiti.org.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Look who's downstairs!

Stephania has been moved downstairs! This has been such a good thing for her continued development. The older children really interact with her well and provide her some much needed stimulation. Stephy gets to play and practice her standing outside and enjoys all the dancing. The kids talk to her and show her toys and have really embraced her. She is happy, happy, happy! The downstairs nannies are augmenting her therapy at Dr. Jack and Marcia's direction and she is thriving. This was a great joy to see and one of the many fantastic changes that are occurring.