Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Treasure Chest

Miss Abbey has a special way of recognizing good behavior in the home school classroom at Angel House. Each child is able to receive a sticker on a sticker chart for following the class rules, doing seat work, getting along with the other students, etc. Every so often, the kids have the opportunity to go shopping at the "Treasure Chest Store" and pick out so fun surprises based on the number of stickers they have earned.

The kids have responded so well to this new incentive program. Not only are the working on behaving during school, they are learning the value of saving up for something special. This is a wonderful way to accentuate the positive behavior but also allow the children to have some personal treasures of their own.

Thank you once again, Miss Abbey, for making home school so fun! You are such a blessing to all the children at Angel House!


C said...

Wow! How cute is our sweet Kervens?!? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him.

The treasure box is a great idea!

Kathy Eden said...

That is an awesome idea! Way to go Abbie!

ruthcharity said...
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cathy.troy said...

What a good idea. Thank you Abbey and Marcia - you are doing so much to help our children!!!!

vaiybora said...

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