Monday, November 16, 2009


The children at Angel House were introduced to a...newly-found snail. Edward, as the children named it, spent a couple of days at the orphanage.
Wanting the children to enjoy the amazing creativity of our God, the week was spent learning about snails and other wonderful animals God has created. What a fun way to learn --- hands-on with a really cool visual aid!During Edward's visit, Reece was the only one brave enough to hold the snail (including the grown-ups!) So once the snail lesson was complete, all the kids decided it was best to let Edward go back home - into nature, another one of God's awesome creations!

Thank you for making learning fun, Edward!


Kathy Eden said...

What a great learning experience! Looks like Reece is ready to go camping with his family when he gets home. :o)

Lena Wright said...

I love, love, love the expression on Steeve's face. Priceless.